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City gets $96k bill for sewer repair

December 19, 2014


By BRYCE MARTIN | Pioneer Editor |

Estimates for the city’s sewer repair in Bowman City Park earlier this month were provided to the city this week.

Bowman City Commission President Lyn James said when she first saw the gaping hole that was dug in the park when the pipe was being repaired, she expected the price tag to be exorbinant, possibly near $300,000.

While it was not that much, the estimate came in at around $96,000, which James still said is a lot, but was relieved.

Montana-Dakota Utilities has not yet provided estimates for their expenses in relocating a gas main and power pole in the park, James said.

The costs for the sewer repair do not put the city overbudget as James said the commissioners would need to adjust its budget to accomodate for the added expense, pulling funds from other places that were underbudget.

To avoid a similiar situation in the future, Jon Brosz with Brosz Inc. and Bill Mason, the city’s road and water superindent, said during the commissioners’ regular meeting Dec. 16 that they were looking into brining in a crew to scope out the existing, potentially “problematic” pipes within the city with a camera. Brosz said he would secure estimates for such a project and the commission would discuss it at a later date.