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WERE YOU THERE? At the Bowman High School All Class Reunion (with slideshow)

July 31, 2015


Pioneer Editor |

It was evident over the weekend that the Bowman High School All Class Reunion was a big success.

An estimated 1,500 people attended the reunion, with events from July 23 to 26. That exceeded earlier expectations of seeing about 1,000 people come to Bowman for the reunion.

While Kelly and Penny Binek of Minot first ran with the idea of hosting an all class get-together, it realistically took a big crowd of volunteers and contributors to bring the whole thing together.

Joy Naico, a retired teacher at Bowman County Schools, helped with the massive registration for the reunion, which was stationed at the Rouzie Recreation Center in Bowman.

“I met so many wonderful alumni and would definitely help with registration again,” Naico said cheerily.

Naico said almost 600 people were counted on Friday night for the prom, but they lost count the next day.

“When I look at the photos of class gatherings, you can quickly see that not everyone registered,” Naico said.

There Really is ‘No Place Like Home’

The theme for the All Class Reunion was “There’s No Place Like Home,” the popular adage from the classic film, “Wizard of Oz.”

The decoration of the gymnasium at the Rouzie Recreation Center perfectly captured the essence of the evening.

A pair of ruby shoes—which Dorothy famously clicks twice to travel home—were positioned on each table.