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Ag Appreciation Banquet


Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce

13 1/2 East Divide
Bowman, ND 58623


Celebrate our Ag Industry

The Ag Appreciation Banquet is an annual event that honors a Farmer/Rancher of the Year in either Bowman, Slope, or Harding County.

The event will look a little different this year. Due to the current circumstances, we will not be hosting a banquet that is open to the public. However, we will still be honoring the 2020 Farmer/Rancher of the Year by hosting a special meal on October 21 for the honoree and their family and friends to celebrate together.

It is with pleasure to announce the 2020 Farmer/Rancher of the Year as Brooks Chalky Butte Ranch. Our honorees include brothers Steve and Ryan along with their wives April and Becky who farm and ranch in Bowman County.

Brooks Chalky Butte Ranch operates on 15,000 acres. Working together to create a diversified operation, Steve leads the ranching operation and Ryan leads the farming operation. The farm and ranch was started in 1904 by great, great-grandfather William Sheets and was purchased by Steve and Ryan in 1983. The ranch continues the family tradition with Steve’s and Ryan’s kids as sixth generation farmers and ranchers.

The ranch runs a registered Angus herd including 550 cows and 175 yearling heifers. They utilize artificial insemination and some embryo transfer to ensure a strong calving season. Two sales are conducted each year, a female sale in December and a bull sale in April. The April bull sale also includes around 1,000 yearling heifers from past bull customers.                                                        

The farm runs on 4,500 acres and raises corn, wheat, durum, chickpeas, sunflowers, lentils, and cover crops. Ryan’s focus is to maintain good rotation of crops and also good farming practice. Our family commitment to the land is second to family.

Steve and April are parents to Calli (Levi), Cassi, and Skeeter and have two grandchildren. Ryan and Becky are parents to Sasha (Lucas), Alicia (Nathan), Carter (Tianna), and Mariah (Mark) and have four grandchildren with one more on the way.

Steve, April, Ryan, and Becky are all very active in the community serving on many boards. Some of these include Slope County Crop Improvement Association, North Dakota Angus Association Board, Certified Angus Beef Commission, American Angus Board, ND Stockmen’s Association, Bowman Area Chamber of Commerce, Northern Pulse Growers Association, State Board of Research and Extension, USA Dry Pea and Lentil Association, Bowman Grain, Inc., and many more.

Thank you to all of the sponsors and committee for making this evening possible!


Past Farmer/Rancher of the Year Awards

  • 2019 Wayne and Susan Nelson
  • 2018 Gerald, Rita, Larry, and Jackie Lambourn
  • 2017 Kenneth Abrahamson
  • 2016 Harry Kerr
  • 2015 Donald Brown
  • 2014 Wayne Mrnak
  • 2013 Bruce Freitag
  • 2012 Bob Andrews
  • 2011 Marlene Mrnak
  • 2010 Leo Heinrich
  • 2009 John Lee and Ellen Njos
  • 2008 Don Burke
  • 2007 Roger Stuber
  • 2006 Burke Lambourn
  • 2005 Elwood and Gerry Andersen
  • 2004 Ina Holmquist
  • 2003 Lyle and Sharon Gunderson
  • 2002 Lyle Sander
  • 2001 Stanley Pope
  • 2000 Bob Penfield
  • 1999 Lawrence Faris
  • 1998 Bill Fisher
  • 1997 Fred Gerth
  • 1996 Dorothy Soreide
  • 1995 Ken Rajewsky
  • 1994 Odell Sabe
  • 1993 Howard Pearson
  • 1992 Albert Bowman
  • 1991 Wally Jacobs
  • 1990 Jim Mrnak
  • 1989 Howard Brooks