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Put Your $ Where Your House Is


Bowman Area
Chamber of Commerce
13 1/2 E Divide
Bowman, ND 58623
(701) 523-5880

Go Local

Shop Local. Dine Local. Stay Local. Support Local. BE Local. 



Have you thought about shopping locally? Here are ten great reasons to start:



The Goal


Did you know...90% of net new jobs in the U.S. are created by locally-owned businesses?!  They support us, so we need to support them! Please consider pledging to shift 10% of your out of town spending back to Bowman County! Your spending has a HUGE impact on our local economy, because when you spend here your money stays here.  Support our GREAT local businesses.  Our goal is to promote our local businesses, increase local spending, and decrease consumer leakage. Consumer leakage means that businesses outside the local trade are fulfilling the demand for purchase of goods and services. Therefore, demand is "leaking" out of the local area. We encourage you to visit to learn more, pledge to shift 10% of your spending, and take the leakage survey. 

Our Campaign 


We are working to educate our community on the importance of local spending.  Along with social media ads, we are bringing back Blue T-Shirt Fridays! The first Friday of every month, our local businesses will be wearing blue "Put Your $ Where Your House Is" shirts.  


In August we will be introducing Customer Service Pins.  We want to award those who have acted with outstanding customer service.  A cross-section of individuals will receive pins.  If they experience or witness great customer service, they can give that employee the Oustanding Customer Service Pin, snap a picture, and we will promote that act!


September will be the introduction of the Local Rewards program.  A small business size card will be available to pick up at the Chamber office. For every $25 you spend locally, you get a punch. Once you have spent $250 locally, bring the rewards card back to the Chamber office, and you will be entered into a drawing for $100 in Chamber bucks! There will be one drawing per month. While supplies last, everyone that brings in a card will receive a GoLocal! ND shopping bag! Shop local and be rewarded along the way! 


We are always looking to create a stronger business community! We always encourage local spending!