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101 1st St NE
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Bowman, ND 58623-0012

Bowman resident recognized for work with parks and rec

September 29, 2017

Chris and Amanda Johnson of Bowman were recently presented with the Citizen Advocacy Award at the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Association banquet in Mandan.

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Bowman City Commission forced to revisit alcohol ordinances after legislative session

June 16, 2017

A few years ago, the Bowman City Commission revised their city ordinances regarding their alcohol rules. The major change was reworking the way they issued alcohol licenses. Previously the city allowed only a certain number of permits to be issued. With the change, the city adopted a tiered system, and essentially vacated a cap on the amount they can issue, though commission president Lyn James said the final say of approval still lies with the commission.

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Starting The Project: Community, business owners gather for informational meeting before ground breaks on Main Street construction

May 05, 2017

Construction season is upon us, and kicking off the year Brosz Engineering, JK Excavation and the city of Bowman will soon start the Main Street Project, aimed at replacing the Main Street water main.

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Bowman Police Department to assess house numbers

April 14, 2017

Starting this week, the Bowman Police Department began assessing how house numbers are displayed outside of resident homes in town. Bowman Police Chief Chuck Headley said it’s an issues that’s been noticed for sometime.

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City mulls major rehab project for Main Street

September 23, 2016

A sizable chunk of funds have become available with the city of Bowman's surge fund projects collectively coming in under budget.

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Bowman ranks high on Top 10 list for best places to live in N.D.

July 22, 2016

Website factors in crime rate, cost of living, education, amenities and more

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Multiple city projects near completion

July 08, 2016

Several projects this construction season have turned some of Bowman’s roads into a complicated series of detours and dead ends. But drivers should feel relief in the coming weeks as current projects come to a close.

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Recount for Bowman city commission candidates could be imminent

June 15, 2016

Never before has a Bowman County election undergone a recount. That could change following this week’s primary election.

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City calls for 15 percent budget cuts

June 10, 2016

Library, parks, fire department and more at risk for cuts

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So, what’s Bowman really like?

May 27, 2016

Vision West project data details city’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

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Street construction to have big impacts

May 06, 2016

Two major projects are currently underway in Bowman that will have large impacts on traffic and property owners.

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ELECTION 2016: 3 spots up for grabs on city board

February 19, 2016

President Lyn James and Commissioners Chuck Whitney and Mike Sondeland will have their positions, each a four-year term, on the June 14 ballot.

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Butte View Campground to get improvements

December 18, 2015

The Bowman Parks and Recreation Dept. is working to outfit a local campground with modern conveniences.

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Demolition completed at new hospital

October 02, 2015

Demolition was completed this month at the site of the Southwest Healthcare Services Long-Term Care to make way for its expansion into a single campus hospital and care facility.

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City proposes tax levy increase

September 04, 2015

City to hear public comment on 1.22 percent increase; parks and rec proposes 12 percent tax hike.

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WERE YOU THERE? At the Bowman High School All Class Reunion (with slideshow)

July 31, 2015

It was evident that the Bowman High School All Class Reunion was a big success.

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Now and Then: A look back at Bowman's Main Street

July 24, 2015

To commemorate a small bit of Bowman's past for the visiting Bowman alumni and local history buffs, we've compiled old photographs from around the city, notably of Main Street, from various time periods.

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City reinstates red zone for latest major sewer break

June 12, 2015

A portion of the city of Bowman is back in the all-too-familiar red zone today after a major sewer break happened last night south of the Bowman City Park.

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City says thanks, but no thanks to MDU, Slope agreement

June 05, 2015

City kindly passes on requesting Montana-Dakota Utilities and Slope Electric service area agreement.

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City prepares for more infrastructure improvements

May 29, 2015

Jon Brosz of Brosz Engineering gave the city of Bowman some good news and some bad news this week.

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SWHC asks city for $2.5M bond increase for project

March 27, 2015

Southwest Healthcare Services is seeking all possible financial help after learning the costs of its renovation and expansion project dramatically increased.

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City to get new, fixed sidewalks with Safe Routes to Schools project

March 13, 2015

A mix of new and upgraded sidewalk will stretch continuously along 1st Street SW in Bowman from 3rd Avenue SE up to the front of Roosevelt Elementary once the city finishes its current Safe Routes to Schools project.

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City working on flood insurance map update

March 13, 2015

What does this all mean for you? You could save money on flood insurance.

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Less than a month to Shopko's opening

March 06, 2015

Shopko gave the official word in a statement last week explaining that it had finished the transaction for purchasing the former Alco building in Bowman.

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SWHC calls portion of plans a future add-on

February 27, 2015

While the architect and contractors for the Southwest Healthcare Services project updated staff at the Bowman health care provider last week, it was clarified this week that part of the plans would potentially be left out of construction due to overwhelming costs.

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City identifies top projects for use surge funds

February 23, 2015

What will the city do with millions of dollars of surge funding?

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Prohibiting growth? Local bar owners voice concern over possible city liquor license ordinance change

February 20, 2015

Several owners of local alcohol-serving establishments voiced their concerns during a city meeting this week to discuss the city of Bowman’s liquor license ordinance as the city has reached its capped amount of available licenses.

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Hospital project to start ‘mobilization’ in April

February 20, 2015

It’s been a relatively quiet winter for Southwest Health Care Services while the Bowman health care provider solidifies its plans for the long-awaited, large-scale renovation of its facilities.

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A window into the past: Lori Nohner joins staff as manager of Pioneer Trails Regional Museum

February 12, 2015

Visitors to the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum may expect to learn about the area’s settlement when they walk inside, but they are surprised to see a full-scale cast of a triceratops and to view petroglyph photos taken from nearby caves.

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Majority of Bowman trees ‘in state of decline’

February 06, 2015

While the city of Bowman has a total of 526 trees standing on its public boulevards, accounting for 27 different species, less than 1 percent of those trees are considered to be in excellent condition.

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CHIEF: Police body cameras are crucial

January 30, 2015

You might have seen or read in the news recently about police body cameras.

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SHOPKO COMING TO BOWMAN: ‘It’s pretty official,’ Alco manager says; Shopko stays mum on official word

January 23, 2015

The latest guessing game in Bowman was which retailer would take over Alco’s location, ever since it made public that it was closing its doors.

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City gets $96k bill for sewer repair

December 19, 2014

Estimates for the city’s sewer repair in Bowman City Park earlier this month were provided to the city this week.

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Residents rejoice as city fixes sewer problem

December 12, 2014

Bowman residents heaved a hefty sigh of relief last week.

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MAYOR: Sewer problem ‘will get fixed’ (But when?)

November 28, 2014

City of Bowman Board of Commissioners President Lyn James provided an update Tuesday regarding the ongoing sewer situation plaguing the city.

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Bowman to see water, garbage rate increase at start of 2015

November 14, 2014

Bowman will see an increase in its bulk water and garbage fees at the beginning of next year.

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Bowman voters oppose city sales tax measure

November 08, 2014

The only ballot measure facing the city of Bowman was voted down in this week’s general election, which could put the status of a new community recreation center on hold indefinitely.

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City sets dates, rules for new fall cleanup

October 10, 2014

Commission tables discussion on grass clippings pick-up.

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BOWMAN RAISES PROPERTY TAXES: City Commission President explains state of city taxes and budget

September 26, 2014

The month of August in each year is a challenging month for elected and appointed officials.

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Rainbow Run shows Bowman: WERE YOU SPOTTED?

August 15, 2014

A colorful cloud formed over James Field in Bowman last week. Barbi Narum and other volunteers on Aug. 8 brought to the community a 5k Rainbow Run/Walk to support the youth of St. Charles Catholic Parish in Bowman.

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EARN YOUR G.E.D.: Bowman course to resume this month for potential grads

August 08, 2014

Over the course of a lifetime, individuals who have earned their high school diploma or their General Education Diploma, G.E.D., earn significantly higher incomes than those who do not.

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City OKs TIF District Planning

April 01, 2014

Bowman now is poised to begin accepting TIF district applications from developers.

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